Health Maintenance Institute

Since 2018, the Health Maintenance Institute of Illinois, Inc. (HMI) has operated as part of Empower Health Services, LLC. (EHS). HMI began offering on-site wellness screenings and health programming to organizations across the greater Chicago area in 1999.

Together, the merged EHS/HMI team offers nationwide services that include flu and COVID-19 vaccinations, an off-site screening program through partnering laboratories, and award-winning on-site biometric screenings. EHS is proud to work alongside the HMI family to provide quality service to clients and program participants.

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About Health Maintenance Institute of Illinois, Inc. (HMI) – HMI was established in 1999 by Kathy Kye, MCHES. Predominantly serving the greater Chicagoland market for almost 20 years, HMI has grown its business as a wellness and health education company under Kye’s leadership. Similar to the parent company, EHS, HMI has successfully implemented and developed wellness programs, including on-site wellness screenings and flu vaccination services. Shaped by the passions of Kye and her team, HMI has also developed a host of follow-up educational programs, including fitness and nutrition seminars, health incentive programs, and one-on-one consultations.

About Empower Health Services, LLC. (EHS) – EHS was established in 2016 by Gary Fine, former Founder and CEO of Wellness, Inc., specifically for the purpose of providing clients and participants with the comprehensive health screening experience they had come to expect and depend on. On-site services delivered by an experienced and dedicated team of health professionals creates the value difference EHS is known for. The independence, quality and flexibility offered to clients is vastly different from the cookie-cutter approach to wellness screening services other large providers and insurance companies offer. EHS attracts customers that understand the value of offering their group access to comprehensive screening services, flu vaccination services, lifestyle assessments, and custom incentive program management delivered exactly the same way throughout the country.

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