Offer an on-site biometric screening from the comfort of your workplace or an off-site option through one of our lab partners

Evaluate your health status and lifestyle habits with our online wellness assessment

Access a personalized health portal with accredited tools for achieving your goals

Protect your team with our on-site flu shot program that brings our exceptional staff of medical professionals to you


Empowering employees to take control of their health means a happier and more productive workplace!


Our on-site wellness screenings are quick and convenient, taking less than 10 minutes per participant and led by a team of friendly medical professionals.


Whether you cater to remote employees or prefer flexibility, our off-site lab program allows participants to visit a local lab to complete their biometric screening.


We strive to create an outstanding experience for both our partners and participants. Enhance your wellness program with our online platform, a customized rewards initiative, and other educational tools.

Identify early warning signs of disease

Want a new and improved culture of wellness?


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